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How Facebook Customer Feedback Score Affects Your CPM and Traffic Quality

Facebook Analytics

Jordi Rubenstein

Apr 13, 2021

Apr 13, 2021

9 mins

9 mins

What impact does your Facebook customer feedback score have on the cost and reach of your advertising, and how can you raise it? Learn more here.

Facebook has a mechanism that penalises marketers who don’t produce high-quality advertising. Based on the score Facebook assigns to your company, which ranges from 0-5.0, Facebook decides how much your advertising will cost , traffic quality and how many people it can reach.
Your advertising strategies may be significantly impacted by the Facebook customer feedback score. All of your inquiries about Facebook customer feedback will be addressed in this post, along with tips on how to use it for your business.

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What is the Facebook customer feedback score?

To start, let’s define what customer feedback on Facebook is. Simply put, it is based on several sorts of feedback from Facebook users. The surveys that Facebook has collected from users make up the customer feedback score. The poll includes inquiries about delivery, support, quality, and more.

Source: Aayush Arora

To gather input, Facebook either sends a push notification or places a survey underneath the advertisement, as seen in the image above.

Your CPM, a key parameter in determining how much you will pay on your adverts, is mostly determined by your customer feedback score.

For instance, let’s say you frequently play golf at a nearby course and contribute the normal $300 monthly dues to the club. However, you made a few too many balls go off the course while you were playing. The club therefore asks an additional $10 for each ball shot over.

Of course, you don’t want to pay more, so you take all precaution to keep from knocking these balls off the course. so that you can carry on performing there. Kind of like how Facebook customer feedback operates—the better your advertisement, the cheaper it is.

Facebook determines the feedback score for your page based on the comments made by customers. The score assigned to your company ranges from 0 to 5, and it is updated on a weekly basis as new data from your clients is gathered. The range of possible scores is broken down below.

What does your customer feedback score mean?

    Source: Facebook

    • 4 to 5 – Good Feedback: you have received positive feedback from your customers about their experience with your business.
    • 3 to 4 – Average Feedback: this score indicates that the feedback you received matches other businesses that use Facebook to sell products and services.
    • 2 to 3 – Poor Feedback: this shows that your business’s feedback was negative and your business is close to receiving a delivery penalty.
    • 1 to 2 – Under Penalty: if your ads are under penalty, this can mean that your ads will reach fewer people and will cost more.
    • 0 to 1 – Ad Disabled: if you receive very poor feedback, your business will no longer be able to advertise on Facebook.

    What significance does Facebook customer feedback have?

    This, then, determines how much you’ll spend for your advertisements and how many people will view them. Therefore, you must maintain a high customer feedback score if you don’t want to end up spending too much on your advertisements and you want to reach a big enough audience.

    Additionally, the viewpoint provided by Facebook customer feedback enables you to evaluate some areas of your company from the perspective of your clients. You have exceptional chances to ensure that your company fulfils the promises and provides the services that you made to your clients.

    One of the most important parts of running ads on Facebook is keeping your Facebook Feedback pages healthy – making sure that the score is always above 3+. ZEFI Feedback Solutions is able to provide advice and help boost your feedback score even with bad product quality, slow shipping times and bad customer support.

    How to see your customer feedback score on Facebook?

    1. Go to the Business Manager.
    2. Click Account Quality, and select Business Accounts on the left-side menu.
    3. Select your page to view your customer feedback score.

    Ideally, you want your customers to be as satisfied with your business as they can be, which means receiving the highest feedback score that you can. If you have done your best to improve these areas and the score is still not improving – ZEFI FEEDBACK Solutions has a simple yet effective way for you to see results within 7 days.

    What is used to decide your customer feedback score?

    The criteria that influence your feedback scores, such as product quality, shipment time, and customer service or satisfaction, have been pretty clearly laid out by Facebook in its help centre.

    You want to get the best grade possible as a business owner, right? Therefore, it might be helpful to take these things into account before you launch Facebook advertising.

    1) Ensure that buyers are aware of what you are selling.

    Customers should be able to clearly anticipate the goods or services offered by your company from your advertisements. You can integrate this in your visuals; learn more here. Customers cannot inspect the goods in person before making a purchase. As a result, giving your customers as much information as possible will help them feel more confident about their purchase.

    2) Delivery methodology and speed

    Your customer feedback score is impacted by how quickly your company provides its services or goods. In order to satisfy your customers, you want everything supplied as soon as feasible. Your feedback rating will suffer if you are unable to ship by the planned shipping deadline for some reason. Additionally, the amount of shipping details offered influences the customer’s purchasing experience.

    3) Quality of your product or service

    The effectiveness of your product has a significant impact on consumer reviews. For instance, buyers would anticipate this from you when they buy your goods if you offer sneakers and claim that they fit true to size and are wonderful for everyday wear. However, if the final product falls short of what the buyer had hoped for and expected, they might not be happy with their purchase. As a result, since Facebook can check to see if your advertising are accurate, your score might drop. As a result, it’s critical to guarantee that the quality of your goods and services meets all requirements set forth by your clients.

    4) Customer service

    How satisfied a customer was with your company’s service is based on their interaction with you. They are more likely to post good reviews if they were pleased with your service, which will eventually result in an improvement in your rating.

    You can find out what the customers are unhappy with and figure out where your negative reviews are coming from. You’ll be able to see clearly from reading the reviews what problems need to be fixed.

    In the aforementioned case, a consumer complained that the product was of poor quality and broke even before it was used. Even though this problem may not have been your fault, this complaint will make sure that you inspect the quality of every one of your products before they are sent out.

    How to improve your Facebook rating for customer reviews

    As soon as you realise your score is low, you should take immediate action. By doing this, you can prevent ad delivery penalties like increased cost and less reach. Even though Facebook has not

    penalised you for receiving poor feedback, it is always a good idea to tweak your tactics to keep your customers happy.

    ‍ Facebook will email you to inform you of this decrease if your page’s score falls below 3. How then do you prevent this decline from occuring? Here are a few pointers to get you started.

    Tips for increasing your customer feedback score

    • It is helpful to mention the features of your goods, such as colour, shape, or size, to ensure that your customers are satisfied with the quantity of information and details that you have supplied about your services and products. If you sell shoes, for instance, make sure to present the appropriate size charts for the nations where you advertise or give a description of the specifics, such as the materials.
    • Make sure your customers are aware of the delivery deadlines you have set. So that your clients can follow the progress of their shipments, you can give them some kind of tracking information.
    • Transparency will be appreciated by your customers, so you can mention things like exchange and refund policies. Alternately, you might inform your clients about the various facets of your customer service, such as the various time zones your staff members work in when responding to clients’ questions.
    • It’s critical to meet customer demand for your goods and services. You may want to run fewer advertising if your company has trouble fulfilling huge orders. Additionally, you can make it clear to your consumers when the products are anticipated to be dispatched or made available. Maybe you should use language like “supply is running low and delivery will take longer than projected.”
    • Contact ZEFI FEEDBACK SOLUTIONS if issues still persist and if you want a simple shortcut solution to boost your score.

    Following these tips before running your next ad campaign will help you keep your customers satisfied and your score high.

    In summary:

    Customer feedback is obviously vital to Facebook, so your company should consider it to be valuable as well. Most of you, I’m sure, are already highly mindful of the need of ensuring that clients like doing business with you and are happy with your goods and services.

    The small adjustments you make to make your company more customer-friendly have a significant influence on your business. Additionally, it may result in your company receiving positive consumer feedback, which is what you want, right?

    It is now up to you to figure out how to improve your rating and utilise the Facebook customer feedback tool to its full potential.

    Facebook Analytics

    Apr 13, 2021

    James Fox

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